Commit 7e595992 authored by Jorge Suárez de Lis's avatar Jorge Suárez de Lis 💭

Update rc.local

parent 12dfba9d
if [ -f /home/citius/wipe-home-dir-please ] ; then
# Delete and recreate home
rm -rf /home/citius
mkhomedir_helper citius
# Copy back wifi and wipe scripts
mkdir -p /home/citius/.local/share/applications
cp /opt/citius/eduroamSession.desktop /home/citius/.local/share/applications/
cp /opt/citius/wipeData.desktop /home/citius/.local/share/applications/
chown -R citius:citius /home/citius/.local
# Remove all networkmanager connections
rm -f /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*
# Put autostart script to restore favorite icons
mkdir -p /home/citius/.config/autostart
cp /opt/citius/putFavorites.desktop /home/citius/.config/autostart/
chown -R citius:citius /home/citius/.config
exit 0
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