Commit 22eb8db6 authored by Jorge Suárez de Lis's avatar Jorge Suárez de Lis 💭
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Modified the temperature ranges for the CL icon

parent a39d315e
......@@ -687,10 +687,10 @@ def update_temperature():
# For CL02-04, when VAV data is present
if(abs(cl_temperatura-cl_temp_impulsion)>3) and cl_compuerta>50:
if((abs(cl_temperatura-cl_temp_impulsion)>3) and cl_compuerta>50) or ((abs(cl_temperatura-cl_temp_impulsion)>5) and cl_compuerta>35):
cl_modo = "cl_cool_2"
cl_modo_s = _("Cooling at %dºC") % cl_temp_impulsion
elif(abs(cl_temperatura-cl_temp_impulsion)>1) and cl_compuerta>10:
elif((abs(cl_temperatura-cl_temp_impulsion)>1) and cl_compuerta>10) or ((abs(cl_temperatura-cl_temp_impulsion)>5) and cl_compuerta>2):
cl_modo = "cl_cool_1"
cl_modo_s = _("Cooling at %dºC") % cl_temp_impulsion
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