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Instructions and link to a Windows redistributable version

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......@@ -65,13 +65,24 @@ The installation script will ask to be run at session start. This will create an
Download the [redistributable version]( and unzip to any folder, then run `temperaturas.exe`.
To manually run the source on Windows:
1. Download and install [Python 2.7.x]( 2.7.9+.
2. Download and install [PyGObject for Windows]( 3.10+. Make sure to choose `GTK+3` during installation.
4. Download the [full source code]( and unzip it somewhere.
5. Rename `` to `temperaturas.pyw` to get rid of the text console when running the program.
6. You're done! Just run `temperaturas.pyw`.
3. Download the [full source code]( and unzip it somewhere.
4. Rename `` to `temperaturas.pyw` to get rid of the text console when running the program.
5. You're done! Just run `temperaturas.pyw`.
To build a redistributable version:
1. Do the steps previous steps from 1 to 3.
2. Download and install [CX_Freeze](
3. Run ` build`.
4. Copy the directory `icons` into `build/exe.win32-2.7/`
5. Try to run `temperaturas.exe`. If you get an error, you might need to add or remove dlls from `` based on your GTK+ version.
6. If everything goes fine, the redistributable version is ready to distribute in `build/exe.win32-2.7/`. You might want to build an installer for it, or just zip it and you are done.
Running the program

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......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ class AboutWindow:
global lastupdated
# Label programa
self.label = Gtk.Label(_("Temperaturas CiTIUS 0.3"), xalign=0)
self.label = Gtk.Label(_("Temperaturas CiTIUS 0.4"), xalign=0)
self.mainbox.pack_start(self.label, True, True, 0)
from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable
import os, site, sys
## Get the site-package folder, not everybody will install
## Python into C:\PythonXX
site_dir = site.getsitepackages()[1]
include_dll_path = os.path.join(site_dir, "gnome")
## Collect the list of missing dll when cx_freeze builds the app
missing_dll = ['libgtk-3-0.dll',
## We need to add all the libraries too (for themes, etc..)
gtk_libs = ['etc', 'lib', 'share']
## Create the list of includes as cx_freeze likes
include_files = []
for dll in missing_dll:
include_files.append((os.path.join(include_dll_path, dll), dll))
## Let's add gtk libraries folders and files
for lib in gtk_libs:
include_files.append((os.path.join(include_dll_path, lib), lib))
base = None
## Lets not open the console while running the app
if sys.platform == "win32":
base = "Win32GUI"
executables = [
buildOptions = dict(
compressed = False,
includes = ["gi"],
packages = ["gi"],
include_files = include_files
name = "Temperaturas",
author = "Jorge Suarez de Lis",
version = "0.4",
description = "Mostra as temperaturas do CiTIUS",
options = dict(build_exe = buildOptions),
executables = executables
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