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* [ADHERE-U](https://citius.usc.es/r/260). This is a national project (RTI2018-099646-B-I00) coordinated by [Paulo Felix Lamas](https://citius.usc.es/v/paulo-felix-lamas) and [Jose M. Alonso](https://citius.usc.es/v/jose-maria-alonso-moral). Te project is aimed at building AI-based models, techniques and methodologies for improving medication adherence. We face the XAI challenge of building intelligent persuasive conversational agents.
* [NL4XAI](https://nl4xai.eu/). This an EU project (H2020-MSCA-ITN, GA No 860621) coordinated by the Research Centre on Intelligent Technologies ([CiTIUS](https://citius.usc.es/)) of the University of Santiago de Compostela. [Senén Barro](https://citius.usc.es/v/senen-barro-ameneiro) is the Scientific Director of CiTIUS and the NL4XAI coordinator. [Jose M. Alonso](https://citius.usc.es/v/jose-maria-alonso-moral) is the Deputy NL4XAI coordinator and President of the Executive Board. The project is aimed at training 11 Early Stage Researchers with PhD dissertations related to XAI.
Dissemination Scientific Events:
* [Plenary talk on XAI at SCIS&ISIS 2020](http://scis.j-soft.org/2020/plenary.html)
* [Tutorial on XAI at IEEE WCCI 2020](https://sites.google.com/view/tutorial-on-xai-ieee-wcci2020)
* [Special Session on XAI at IEEE WCCI 2020](https://sites.google.com/view/xai-ieeewcci2020/)
* [Special Session on XAI at FUZZ-IEEE 2019](https://sites.google.com/view/xai-fuzzieee2019)
* [Workshop on XAI at INLG2019](https://sites.google.com/view/nl4xai2019)
* [Special Session on XAI at IEEE-SMC 2019](https://sites.google.com/view/xaixindustry40-smc19/)
* [Special Session on XAI at IPMU 2018](https://sites.google.com/view/xai-ipmu2018)
Software Tools:
* [ExpliClas](https://demos.citius.usc.es/ExpliClas/). The first version of this web tool was developed by Bruno Lopez Trigo, as part of his [TFG](https://gitlab.citius.usc.es/bruno.lopez.trigo/ExpliClas-TFG), under supervision of [Alberto Bugarin](https://citius.usc.es/v/alberto-bugarin-diz) and [Jose M. Alonso](https://citius.usc.es/v/jose-maria-alonso-moral), in the context of the [Explica-IA project](https://citius.usc.es/r/248). It makes use of the following [ExpliClasAPI](https://demos.citius.usc.es/ExpliClasAPI/). A new version of [ExpliClas](https://gitlab.citius.usc.es/jose.alonso/expliclas-v3) is being developed by [Raul Vilas](https://citius.usc.es/v/raul-vilas-pineiro). You can visualize a demo at [ExpliClas-VIDEO](https://youtu.be/7jfYYudPUZY).
* [Weka-Model-Comparator](https://gitlab.citius.usc.es/javier.toja/expliclas-model-comparator). This is a Java code developed by [Javier Toja](https://citius.usc.es/v/javier-toja-alamancos) during his final MSc project under supervision of [Alberto Bugarin](https://citius.usc.es/v/alberto-bugarin-diz) and [Jose M. Alonso](https://citius.usc.es/v/jose-maria-alonso-moral).
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